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Strategic Web Design Portfolio:
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Welcome to Here For Impact, where Yelena Janosick, a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in web design, multi-unit management, and marketing, leads the way in crafting impactful online experiences. As the driving force behind Here For Impact LLC, Yelena brings a wealth of expertise to every project. Her dedication extends to elevating your online presence through the creation of stunning and responsive websites. Going beyond aesthetics, the focus is on the success of your online venture by ensuring comprehensive SEO integration. From keyword optimization to strategic content placement, each website is meticulously crafted to maximize visibility on search engines. Yelena's proficiency also extends to custom graphics tailored to enhance your brand identity across the digital landscape. Here For Impact stands out with a commitment to transparency, taking pride in offering affordable pricing without compromising the quality of the work. Yelena Janosick transforms visions into impactful online experiences, ensuring your web development journey is not only seamless but also optimized for success. Elevate your digital presence with expert web design services and the seasoned leadership of Yelena Janosick in web design, multi-unit management, and marketing.

Expert Web Design Services: Elevate Your Online Presence with Transparent and Affordable Pricing

Coasters & Castles Travel

Casters and Castles Travel collaborated with us to undergo a comprehensive website overhaul. The solo effort focused on rebuilding the site from scratch, with a primary emphasis on SEO optimization to improve user experience and increase online visibility. The redesigned website seamlessly incorporates modern graphics and social media elements, creating a visually appealing and search engine-friendly platform. Beyond web design, the project involved fostering a cohesive brand image across various initiatives. Coasters and Castles Travel now enjoys a revitalized online presence, poised for expanded reach and success in the competitive travel industry.

Scoopy Doo Dog Waste

We're proud to showcase our collaboration with Scoopy Doo Dog Waste Removal, a seasoned player in the industry with over 24 years of dedicated service. Our contribution to their brand included a comprehensive modernization of their website, bringing in a fresh and user-friendly design. But our involvement doesn't stop there – we're consistently engaged in crafting graphics tailored for web, social media, and print needs. From captivating social media posts that actively engage their audience to professionally designed print materials, we've worked to ensure a seamless and impactful brand image across all platforms.

TA Assist

We proudly present TA Assist—a comprehensive platform exclusively designed and maintained by Here For Impact LLC. From crafting the layout to creating custom graphics, every aspect of TA Assist reflects my dedication to delivering tailored web solutions. This website is not just a digital presence; it's a specialized tool dedicated to supporting travel agents and agencies in their business growth. Infused with user-friendly features and a visually engaging interface, TA Assist embodies my commitment to seamlessly blending design and functionality. Explore this portfolio to witness how TA Assist combines my technical expertise with a deep understanding of the travel business, offering a dynamic solution for agents aiming to enhance their online footprint and drive growth. 

Axelband Kitchen

Welcome to the Axelband Kitchen showcase, a testament to Here For Impact's expertise in crafting comprehensive online solutions. Axelband Kitchen stands out as a website conceived and built from the ground up by our team. From conceptualization to execution, every element of this culinary platform reflects our commitment to innovation and creativity. Our role extended beyond web development, encompassing the creation of a distinctive logo and all the graphics utilized on the site. The result is a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics, ensuring that Axelband Kitchen not only serves its purpose effectively but also leaves a lasting visual impression. Explore this portfolio highlight to witness how Here For Impact brings visions to life, providing end-to-end solutions for a standout online presence.

Happy Tales Boarding

Welcome to the showcase of Happy Tales Boarding, a comprehensive creation by Here For Impact that epitomizes our commitment to crafting unique and visually compelling online experiences. From the inception of this project, we undertook the complete design journey, starting with the development of a distinctive logo that captures the essence of Cove Animal Rescue's boarding services. Our team then meticulously crafted every element of the website, from graphics that evoke a sense of warmth and care to a user-friendly design that seamlessly guides visitors through the boarding experience. Happy Tales Boarding is a testament to our holistic approach, ensuring that the website not only meets functional requirements but also resonates with the values of the brand it represents. Explore this portfolio entry to witness how Here For Impact brings creativity and expertise to every stage of web development, creating a digital space that truly speaks to the heart of Cove Animal Rescue's mission.

My Father's Place

Welcome to the rejuvenation of My Father's Place, a testament to Here For Impact's prowess in modernizing digital platforms and overseeing comprehensive online strategies. We breathed new life into their website, imparting a fresh, modern design that mirrors the vibrant ambiance of this iconic music dining venue. Our role extended beyond aesthetics, encompassing the management of regular updates and the curation of dynamic content for their social media platforms. My Father's Place now transcends being merely a music destination; it has evolved into a contemporary digital experience that mirrors the energy and passion of the venue. This portfolio entry highlights how Here For Impact seamlessly merges design and management, ensuring that My Father's Place remains a captivating digital presence in today's ever-changing landscape.


Welcome to the showcase of Ispektacle, a digital endeavor brought to life by Here For Impact from concept to execution. Ispektacle stands as a testament to our ability to materialize innovative ideas into captivating online experiences. We not only conceptualized and designed the website but also crafted a distinctive logo and graphics that embody the essence of this unique app concept. Ispektacle serves as a prime example of our comprehensive approach, seamlessly integrating logo design, graphics, and web development to create a cohesive and visually engaging digital presence. This portfolio entry invites you to explore the synergy of creativity and functionality that defines Ispektacle, illustrating how Here For Impact transforms concepts into compelling and impactful digital realities.

Strings For Healing

Welcome to the heartwarming project, Strings For Healing, where Here For Impact had the privilege of weaving a digital tapestry for a noble cause. As the creators behind the logo, graphics, and website, we collaborated with the founders, two compassionate sisters dedicated to bringing music and joy to those in hospital care. The design elements, from the logo that encapsulates the spirit of healing to the graphics that resonate with warmth, were crafted with a thoughtful touch. The website stands as a testament to our commitment to not only amplify the mission of Strings For Healing but also to enhance the user experience for visitors. This portfolio entry celebrates the harmonious blend of creativity and purpose, showcasing how Here For Impact transforms visual elements into a resonant digital presence for a non-profit making a difference in the lives of those facing illness.

Strategic Design Solutions: A Glimpse into Our Portfolio

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